Let’s Do This

It’s almost here!

Just a week away is the next Tell It: Brooklyn at the Way Station.  The theme this month  is “Lips” and I should be totally honest here, I’m lost in the f*cking woods as to what story to tell.

Strangely enough, when you start a monthly storytelling show with the thoughts, “Hey, it’s monthly, don’t sweat it. You’ll have plenty of time between shows to hone the story you’ll tell for the next one,” you should probably do a serious check of your personal procrastination daemons and the other easily distracted shortcomings you possess before chalking the whole thing up under the category of “Easy/Breezy”.  As with a lot of things in life, the projects that I hold incredibly close to my heart area often find themselves on the short end of the “time available to craft you” stick.

Look, I recognize that time passes and that it also passes much faster than I wish, but instead of berating myself for the story that is as yet complete, I like to instead think of something that Stephen Hawking says when he visits me in my dreams:

“Victoria, time is infinite. And man made. So chill the f*ck out and pass that shit.”

Yes, Sir.

To end this post, I’ll clarify my main point, which is always a good sign regarding written work, with two capital lettered points:

A)   I’m lost in the woods and someone should send a team of Navy SEALS or something to help me. Maybe those Act of Valor people are free?  Pitch the saving me scenario as positivepromogeneratingawesomeness.

B)   You don’t have to see this reminder for Tell It: Brooklyn and think to yourself that it’s too late, that there’s not enough time to figure out what story to tell because there is always time.  Always.  Especially if you are watching it very closely. It then becomes so large and fills your head so completely that it becomes infinite. Never ending.  Always there, calling you by name.

See you on Wednesday, March 21st, 7:30 PM at the Way Station.

Let’s do this.

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