Things Are Happening

It only took me three Tell It: Brooklyn nights to start begging Victoria and Chloe to let me help out. It only took one to want to beg, but it took a while to get up the nerve to actually do it. Turns out, I asked at just the right time.

Tell It: Brooklyn has been a hit since the first night last November and it’s turning into quite the endeavor. With emails to send, Facebook and Twitter accounts to start, posters and flyers and business cards to create, not to mention having to write their own stories for each month’s show, Victoria and Chloe were getting pretty hectic. So, I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially come on board as partner number three.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe as we get ready for April’s show, our 6-month anniversary. Like I said, there were a ton of things to create and put together for Tell It and I’ve been working madly to help get them ready. One, you already know about – you’re reading it right now. It’s our official webpage. We’re online and we have a domain! How fancy is that?

In addition, we’ve got a Facebook fan page that you can “Like,” if you like, at: and we’re on Twitter @TellItBrooklyn. You can also join our official mailing list by sending a message to

I’m thrilled to be a part of such a cool, fun, laid back storytelling night and I’m looking forward to lots more of them.


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