You’re Never Going to Believe This

As some of you might have read the other day, Chloe dropped an infobomb on y’all with the exciting news that our April 18th show will be our 6-travaganza at The Way Station!  She had some pretty great things to mention like $1 PBR cans, kick-ass featured storytellers, $5 Jameson all night long, and even a freaking raffle.  Can you believe it?  A raffle!  For a liter of rum!  It’s as if we summoned the Ghosts of Pirate-Carnies Passed for this party!  Which is totally what we did!

I know that list of fun seems almost too good to be true but I have one more thing to add so hold on to your britches…

We will also be giving away GIFT BAGS to the Tell It audience members who drop their name in the can and tell it Wednesday night!

That’s right, GIFT BAGS!!!* 

Shut up.  No way.  That can’t be true! 

I do not lie!  Come down to The Way Station on Wednesday at 7 and drop your name in the can for a chance at 5 minutes on stage to tell your story.  The theme for our April 18th 6-travaganza is Take Off so get to thinking and then come on down and get one of these things.  Or don’t put your name in the can but come on down anyway to see some amazing storytellers, drink cheap drinks, play a game of chance with a raffle ticket (or twelve) in your hand and covet your neighbor’s gift bag!

Shake a tail-feather and get on down here!  We’ll see you Wednesday!

*Go ahead and pinch yourself but believe you me, it’s true.  We not only summoned Pirate-Carnie ghosts but then we tossed ‘em into a kindergartner’s birthday party so get out to Tell It and get one of these suckers! Amazeballs!

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