Over-Sharing Can Be Cool

As long-time TI:B’ers know, back before I was a big-time co-producer of Brooklyn’s finest storytelling series, I started my Tell It adventure just like any one else does. I went to a show (the first one), dropped my name in the can and spent the rest of the night praying that I never got called.

Now, I wasn’t praying because I was afraid to reveal my deep, dark secrets to strangers; my blog, accessible to anyone on the planet with an Internet connection, is the epitome of over-sharing. That however happens alone at home … in pajamas. I was praying because the mere idea of revealing my deep, dark secrets on stage, in direct view of strangers, honestly terrified the S-H-(vowel)-T out of me.

You: Why didn’t you just pick another story?

Me: Because I care, that’s why.

That’s right, folks. If Brooklyn is willing to listen to me Tell It, then by David Sedaris, I’m going to tell the best story possible. And the fact is, my deep, dark secrets are my best stories. So, when I got called up that first night, that’s exactly what I told.

The Patron Saint of Memoirs

Okay, so when Victoria initially pulled my name, I totally panicked. But, once I got up there and got started, it felt more like talking to friends at a cocktail party and less like being onstage and speaking into a microphone. That’s what got me hooked.

Obviously, I love hearing everyone else’s private, crazy-assed stories, but the best part for me is the way it feels to share mine. There’s no judgment, no criticism. It’s just me on stage saying, “Here is some crazy shit that I went through,” to an audience that applauds when I get finished. I’ve even had people come up and hug me.

Seriously. What could possibly be better than that?

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