We Thank You for a Wonderful Wednesday

Par for the course, we at Tell It are a little late with our thank you note to all of the amazing storytellers and storylisteners who came out for our Metamorphosis show this past Wednesday at Way Station.  The crowd keeps growing and we would not have a show to do if it weren’t for each and every one of you who comes and drops your name in the can and gets on stage to tell it.  We thank you from the bottom of our cavernous chests and hope you accept our apologies for being a tad late with the good tidings.

Now it’s true that my fellow producers might scoff at the “we” and “our” used above considering this post-show post was my responsibility but, hey, life happens kids and sometimes tasks can get lost in the abyss that is said life.  Of course, I should be honest here and say that the “abyss that is said life” for me really means “The Wire.”  Yes, I shirked my Tell It gratitude for the no-longer-on-air-television-show, “The Wire.”

Before you scoff loudly at my misspent time I ask you, “Have you seen The Wire?”  If you answered yes then thank you for your understanding.  If you answered no, well, I have little else to say other than you should find the show through whatever means you find TV shows that stopped airing years ago and watch it.  Granted, Season 2 takes a bit of commitment considering it slows down the pace a bit but stick with it; nothing leads to success quite like perseverance and persevere you will once you have gotten strung out on The Wire.  (Ha!  Too bad no one has any use for wire puns anymore.)

As a 21st century kind of gal, I hate to shove a TV program on anyone and I am able to understand one’s opinion that believes TV causes brain rot and all of those other un-fun things people talk about when they talk about television but, damn, relax a little and watch some good storytelling on the ol’ set top box.  Like virtually everyone who watched the show 8 or so years ago, I am jumping on the bandwagon.  Engaging storylines and tight characters are right up my alley and totally worth my time.  In fact, that sounds strangely similar to what happened last Wednesday at Way Station.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Someone must be listening to us on the wire.

Tune in next time:
Same tellittime, same tellitchannel.

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