Thanks to a very friendly sales rep, Sarah, (apologies for any name misspelling, Sara/h, I’m a slow learner when it comes to the inclinations of our Live Free or Die state) at Enviro-tote, Tell It: Brooklyn will soon have its very own tote bag!  Yes, we are jumping on the merchandising bandwagon and I am just as excited as you.

Of course, we’re going to keep the design under wraps for now–we don’t want to steal any thunder from the Olympics–but I’m sure we’ll be dropping hints as we get closer to the magic day when you will be able to purchase a tote for EVERYONE you know.


Also, we’ll be giving a few of these puppies* away so it’s in your best interest to keep up with the shenanigans of Tell It.

And to make more friends who need tote bags.

*not actual puppies

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