OMG I Love Storytelling

When I first got the text from Victoria, I thought, “You have got to be out of your fucking mind.” There was no way I was going to get on stage and tell one of my stories without any notes and out loud and into a microphone and under a spotlight in front of all of Brooklyn!

An instant later I thought, “Fuck it.”

Me: I'm in. You realize I'm terrified of this.
V: You'll be fine.

I got on stage that first Tell It, told a deep, dark secret I never thought I’d ever discuss in front of an audience and got a reception so warm and loving and supportive that I totally got hooked like it was crack. I have told a story at every show since and even begged my way into working as one of the producers. I’m telling you, (har har) I love this show.

But, the thing is, rather than chasing the dragon of the first storytelling at Tell It: the high just gets better and better and better every time. Not only do I love sharing my own stories, but I love hearing and connecting to all of the other brave souls who open up their lives, month after month after month to a little steampunk-themed bar with a fake time machine phone booth bathroom.


Well, I’m excited to announce that my storytelling habit is expanding to include some other incredible shows around town and I really hope you guys will come out and check out what’s going on elsewhere in this gorgeous storytelling world.

The next one I’m involved in is called Barbershop Stories and it’s a brilliant idea. Actually set inside a real barbershop, people tell stories while audience members – and sometimes the storytellers themselves – get their hair did. Awesome. So …

Check out the second installment of Barbershop Stories featuring tales about times we’ve been Fake(d). From trickery and deception to lies and fraud- we’ll be sharing it all! Peeps will be putting in corn rows and trimming corners on some ‘dus while serving up some empanadas and chicken wings. Don’t be a perpetrator and come thru!

Featured Storytellers:

Jim O’Grady- Writer, Moth StorySLAM Winner and WNYC Radio Reporter

Susan Kent- Writer, Storyteller and Host of ‘Tell it Brooklyn’

Cammi Climaco- Visual Artist & Host of ‘Ask Me Stories’

Rick Younger- Comedian, Actor, and Singer

Featured Slam Poet:
Ja Poet

Hosted by:

Dawn J. Fraser (dfrizzle)

Mike Brown

De Luxe Gallery
704 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Doors: 7:30pm
Show: 8:00pm


BYOB! (You bring alcohol, we’ll bring the mixers!)

More info about BSS can be found at


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