One More For The Road

Once again, an amazing group of storytellers came out to The Way Station last night for August’s installment of the show, Fences.  As diligent as a postal carrier, folks braved the torrential rains to listen and tell some great stories.  The show doesn’t exist without you and we thank you so much for coming!

We met new neighbors and saw old friends; Emily was almost eaten by a grizzly bear and Glen almost found relationship material.  Hope was after my own heart as a young punk rocker and Marc, well, Marc met Clive Barker.  The Clive Barker.  And cried.  Anita went to Mall Jail and may have cried a little, too.  Naomi was robbed on her way to work but still got a guy’s digits and Cori taught us how to steal porn from the ’70’s and set dumpsters afire.

Jane has found love and Chloe’s learned how to lose love when it gets too drunk to take home.  Timothy got up for his first time at Tell It and Jonah was living off the cuff and we thank each and everyone of you for dropping your name in the can and sharing your voices with us.

Of course, these small tastes do little justice to the stories people told so make sure you come out September 19th to hear, and tell it, yourself.  The theme for September is Pirate so borrow your friend’s parrot and get your yarrr on or do a little copyright infringement or make up your own interpretation and come on down.  Let’s do this…

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