Tell It: Totes (An Update)

You guys, remember when Victoria wrote that post post called TOTES McGOATS? The one about Tell It venturing into the wild and wonderful world of merchandising?

Well, the tote bags are in, we’ve landed on a damn fine design and we’re all geared up to get our hands into some serious screen-printing.

We think we’re up to the job, but it’s our first time so really … who the hell knows? Still, it’s exciting either way.

“So, what’s the new tote bag design?”

Well, that’s currently for us to know and you to find out. But we’ll be sharing it with you soon enough.

“Will they be ready in time for September’s Pirate show?”

We shall see, dear friends. We shall see.

“Well, what can you tell us?”

I can tell you that once we get a handle on this screen printing thing, I’m tagging up a whole new wardrobe.

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