Tell It: Totes (On the Horizon)

All righty, y’all. Remember those tote bags we’ve been jabbering on about? As you know, the design has been set and now we’ve secured bags, purchased paint and are in prime position for some serious squeegee-ing … just as soon as the screen is finished.

This is what we have so far.

I haven’t been given authorization to release the design yet, but I can tell you that you will want to own it. I know I’m itching to start carrying mine around. You know … as soon as we get them made.

Will the Tell It: Tote be available for purchase at the Pirate show this Wednesday?

Good Smoking Baby, I sure hope so. Because I can’t carry mine until you can carry yours and I don’t want to wait another month. Seriously. They’re going to be that good.

So, save up your ducats because not only will you want to carry the coolest new design in storytelling merchandise, you might even get a free gift with purchase.

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