Pearls of Wisdom

What can happen is deflation, not economically speaking thought that’s something you might want to look into for the future, but deflation like the birthday balloon no one wants anymore.

There are times when you will inflate with excitement over an idea or event, the potential of doing something will feel so great and so exciting, the big red balloon inside you will swell.

You will fill with life giving air — air that has been poisoned by those who have come before you, by the way — and the lightness of the balloon will be inside you. You will feel it there and you will care for it and anticipate the finished results of the future task that led you to this transmogrification. Moments of joy will wash over you so quickly you’ll be confused by the tears that are welling in your eyes. As you begin to wipe them and you worry for the sadness that brought them so quickly, you’ll realize you are overwhelmed with feeling good in the world. The potential you and all others have to live exceptionally. You will realize those are tears of joy and they will feel alive. The balloon inside you will be so big and full of you, the you that will do and give and create for this world, you will know that you can’t contain it, and you shouldn’t. Well, I say, cry, dammit! Let the joy come out because soon some son of a mother will come by and pop it.

Somehow, some a-hole will have a straight pin. They always do.

So remember that. Maybe learn to wrap your balloon in duct tape. But learn that those a-holes are everywhere. Like the CIA until the fall of the wall. (You know about that, right? Definitely something to read about for the future as well, if you haven’t already.)

So take this, along with the check for $10, and put it away for a rainy day. There will be a lot of rainy days ahead.

Anyway, happy 10th birthday, kiddo! I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.




PS. Don’t let your father read this. He’s far too sensitive. Sometimes generations get skipped. -gma

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