Man, This Storytelling Thing is Getting Really Good

Were YOU at the Most Recent Tell It?

Last month’s show, Pirate, was really, truly our best ever. We had some amazing new storytellers including Steven Berkowitz who shared a life lesson he learned on a boat and a remarkable “Billy Budd” who opened up about an intimately personal relationship with his Savior that is, without a doubt, unlike any you could have ever possibly heard about in your entire life ever.

There were also some great nuggets from our faves like Anita Flores, Vicky Nanis and Emily Argyle who pleaded, “I have an eye patch at home and we’re working on it, okay?” I’m telling you guys … it was good stuff.

If you weren’t there – You. Missed. Out. Like Vivian Ward “huge mistake” missed out. But don’t worry. The way Tell It works is that we get better every single month. It’s true! September’s show was a phenomenal night, which means the October 17 – Carry On show is going to be off the hook. Word.

Tell It: Totes – (for realisies this time)

I know. I know. We’ve been yapping and yapping about this thing, but seriously guys. As Victoria explained at the show last month, we created a chemical explosion in her tub that halted production and delayed our unveiling of the world’s hottest tote since that Anya Hindmarch bag hit Whole Foods a few years ago.

But this month, kids. Come hell or toxic, glass-shattering fumes, we’re making some f’n tote bags and we’re not joking. Just watch us do it.

Then come buy them from us.

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