Tell It: Tote Sneak Peek!

Are you ready for this? It is official. Tell It: Brooklyn totes are a reality! We got together earlier this week, did us a little screen printing and by the love of Smoking Baby himself, we have merchandise. What the what. We’ve got ’em, I’m looking at one right now and I can not wait to share them with all of you next week, October 17 at Carry On.

Now, I’ve sworn not to show you the front of the bag — though i’m dying to — but nobody said anything about the back. So, before either of the girls comes in and catches me, here’s a little sneak-eer-oonie at the hottest tote in town.

No, no. Don’t push me for more. That’s all you get right now. Patience lovelies. Patience.

As I wrote last week, Tell It: Pirate in September was a huge success. Really, we thought it was going to give folks as hard a time as our Lips show did a few months back. But not to back away from a challenge, record numbers of storytellers came through and shared remarkable tales — all on theme. Plus, thanks to the technology that is the iPhone, we got a recording this time!

That’s right. Tell It: is recording the shows now in a way that we can actually get them onto the Interwebs and share them with those of you who can’t quite make it to Prospect Heights, as well as those who can’t get enough of hearing them the first time.

Now, thanks to my personal tech-ignorance, we didn’t get all of the stories last month, but I did get one of our favorites!

Sam Dingman came out and shared a hysterical story about the two parallel ships of his life — his relationship and his job, both of which were rapidly sinking. I’m pulling the content off the phone, editing it in GarageBand and will be presenting our very first online Tell It: Storyteller ever.

The post is going up on Monday so, be sure to come check it out. Until then, enjoy your weekend and make some awesome stories!


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