It’s Almost Here! Tell It: Nov 14 with DAVID CRABB!

You guys, November is Tell It’s 1-Year Anniversary!

We’ve gone from telling our own stories to a room of 6 of our friends, to a full-fledged open-mic slam with incredible performances from people who share their most intimate, embarrassing and hysterical moments with us every month.

To honor our historical moment, our theme is: Benchmark.

We’ve got some fun surprises in store for you and look forward to a full-out super celebration starting with an exciting guest appearance!

If you don’t know this adorable face, please meet incredible actor, writer and storyteller, David Crabb. He is the host of Ask Me: Storytelling and a dear friend of Tell It. He’s unbelievable on stage and you are SO excited that you get to see him!

We’ll also be doing some rafflin’ involving the ever-popular Tell It: Tote and maybe even some booze for you crazy kids. There’s been some talk about one or two of us doing our own stories this month, so if you miss hearing our batshit crazy tales about our Southern upbringings, you might get lucky.

As always, we’ll be featuring several of our brave audience members (YOU) who drop their name in can for a chance at 5 minutes in the spotlight, so who knows what they’ll say? I’m telling you … it’s gonna get wild.

Come out, this Wednesday, November 14, to the Way Station at 7:30 to celebrate with us and enjoy the storytelling wonder that is David Crabb.

Can’t wait to see you there!


P.S. There’s another show right after ours this month, so we are starting ON TIME. I’m serious. Get there early, so you don’t miss a thing!

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