Move Over Gaybies

Y’all! We did it!

After several weeks of pretty hard bar-hopping venue-searching, your Tell It masters have found a brand new home in Park Slope, on the south side.

Starting June 20, Victoria and Susan will be hosting your favorite monthly story-o-rama at the fabulous Bar 4 on 7th avenue and 15th street.


The final details are still being sorted out but you can count on a show with an amazing featured storyteller as well as the likes of you!  The can has been pining away in storage, hoping and dreaming of the day when it will feel the joyous weight of names writ large on small sheets of paper again.  Only you can make that happen so polish up your storytelling boots and get excited for the 20th of June.   We’ll be back soon with more details and other exciting news so keep in touch.

We sure have missed you.

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