Hibernation no more.

The Scroggins and I have been moving and shaking in the storytelling scene lately – AKA – going to other people’s shows and applauding a lot. We’ve been to a few of the Moth slams, David Crabb & Cammi Climaco’s Ask Me: The Musical, Blaise Allysen Kearsley’s How I Learned Series, and John Flynn’s Oh, Hey Guys!

We’re so inspired by all the amazing stories we’re hearing out there and are getting really pumped about our own.

It’s been too long since we’ve hit the Tell It: stage and we’re getting pretty antsy about June. We’ve got a new venue, a new exciting format, and a brand new can to capture all of your names for the open mic! We’re still working out the details about our surprise guest storyteller for our inaugural show at Bar 4 because we want to make sure we kick off life in our new venue with a bang.

Stay tuned to find out who we’ll be featuring and save the date for June 20. Until then, keep an eye out for us at the other slams and open mics around the city.


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