You guys remember that cutie pie, David Crabb, that we featured for our 1 year anniversary party last November? Well, he’s more than just a fantastic storyteller with a pretty face … he’s also a do-gooder!

TONIGHT! June 5 at 8:30 (Doors at 8) at Bar Matchless.

Victoria & I are heading out to Greenpoint to support David and his quest to help all the poor doggies who were displaced by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. He’s featuring storytellers, comics and musicians, as well as some smuggled in pups who are supposedly going to wow the shit out of us with some cute doggy antics.

There’s a $20 suggested donation at the door, but you can totally give $200 if you’re so inclined.

What does DIRP mean, you ask? Hell if we know. But we can tell you that it’s going to be a great time for a great cause, plus you get the added bonus of hanging out with US a full 2 weeks before you expected to.

Tell it Photo

Who else will you get to see? Hows about:

  • Dave Hill
  • Bridey Elliot
  • Adam Newman
  • Elna Baker
  • Ted Travelstead
  • Abbi Crutchfield

And of course, Greenpoint’s Favorite Storyteller, Mr. David Crabb himself. What what!

Click here to visit the DIRP Facebook page so you can get more deets, join the event and feel really good about yourself.

See you there!


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