Storytelling Love: A Tale of Two Colons

It started back when David Crabb, co-host of Ask Me: Storytelling, appeared at Tell It’s Benchmark 1 Year Anniversary Extravaganza.

Then, Victoria of Tell It: shared a hilarious story about a hideous experience with white denim short shorts at Ask Me’s Summer Slam.

Ask Me: Podcast

Last month, Tell It presented Ask Me’s other co-host, Cammi Climaco as our featured performer.

This week, Victoria’s story from the slam hits the airwaves on Ask Me’s Podcast (available at iTunes!)

And on Tuesday, July 2, Susan, the other half of Tell It: appears on the lineup for Ask Me: ?!, Cammi & David’s Pride Week Special a BYOB spectacular (Yes! That means what you think it does!) with a surprise theme having to do with urinals and this photo:


Now, I don’t know what they’d say in the Ask Me: camp, but over here at Tell It:, we’re pretty sure someone’s hitting on someone. Don’t say anything, but we’re feeling pretty optimistic about how this is all going to turn out.

Stay tuned to see how things unfold, check out the Ask Me: Podcast featuring our Scroggins & her feminine shame, then feel free to pose all of your inappropriately intimate questions to any of us at the live show … maybe even during the show so you can be part of the action, too.

Ask Me: ?!

Ask Me: ?! | Tuesday, July 2 at Axis Theater

David’s been watching a marathon of Drag Race (no different from any other week) and Cammi’s been meditating on the writing of Oscar Wilde and wearing a pink scarf for a week. Hopefully they won’t be overly-exhausticated from all their Pride shenanigans for their show with a surprise theme that is NOT to be revealed until the start of the show.

It’s that good, you guys. Or it’s that bad. Or probably, it’s that weird.

In any case just know that it’s going to be great. If you like gays. And who doesn’t?

Other guests besides Kent include:

Brantley Brice
Tim Manley
Julie Threlkeld

Join the fun for stories, jokes, a raffle and more! REMEMBER: Axis is BYOB so David & Cammi encourage you to bring your disgusting lime-flavored light beers or whatever you “drink.”

Axis Theater | 1 Sheridan Square | NYC | 1 train to Christopher, or any of the many lines that go to West 4th

Doors at 7:30, Show at 8 | $10 suggested | BYOB

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