Okay, okay. We’ll tell you.

I know you’ve all been out there wondering what the hell we Tell It: kids have been up to. Well, it’s a lot. Let’s start with news about the Brooklyn show.

Tell It: Brooklyn

First of all, you may already be aware that our brand new home for Tell It: Brooklyn sadly closed its doors for good this past August 15th. That’s right. South Slope’s beloved Bar 4 is gone and so is our TI:BK venue. So, we’re back on the borough streets looking for a new spot … which we will hopefully find in time for our September 12th show with the incredi-ballz Tim Manley, author and illustrator of “Fairy Tales for Twenty Somethings”.

“Rest In Peace, Bar 4” or, “Tell It: Brooklyn – On To The Next One”

We do have a lead on a great bar/event space on 4th Avenue and have reached out to the owners there. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out and that they have an opening on the 12th. Or any opening at all. Because – no disrespect intended to our prior venues – this place is the shit and is ideal for what we do.

Tell It: Manhattan

Until we work the BK stuff out, Tell It: Manhattan is still on and popping at the super chill Tammany Hall on the Lower East side. We’ve got Baby Maria from The Skinny fame behind the bar and this amazing dude Justin running sound who told the most obnoxious, disgusting, foul story about how to get revenge ever. We love his nasty ass.

Click here to join the Facebook event or be our pal on the actual page at www.Facebook.com/TellItBrooklyn to stay up to date on everything we’ve got going on.


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