Non-Fictional Vortex of Storytelling Magic

February 19 marks Tell It: Brooklyn’s 26th show! Can you believe it?

We can’t. It actually feels like we’ve done way more than that. Over the years we’ve had the honor of hearing the most heartfelt, hysterical, awe inspiring stories from people from all over the city, as well as this one dude from Germany once. At the rate of about 10 tellers per show, we’ve heard nearly 2500 stories since November of 2011 and honestly can’t wait to hear 2500 more.

So, let’s get the hell on with it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 1.20.10 PM

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY. February 19 at The Fifth Estate on 5th Avenue at 13th Street in South Slope, Brooklyn.

The can goes down at 7:30 & the show starts at 8. Remember: No props, no paper and no lies (hyperbole notwithstanding).

And of course … NO COVER.

See you soon!


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