I told you so.

MasterChef season 5 hasn’t even started yet and look at what’s happened:

Victoria MasterChef

Already fame is going to Victoria’s head, and after Monday night’s premiere (8PM on Fox), there’s nothing that’s going to hold that ego back. Still. I’m pretty stoked because I’ve been looking for some coattails to ride for some time now, and I think it may finally start paying off.

Okay, but really. We’re totally super excited about this whole thing and I can’t wait to watch Victoria cook her ass off on television. Click the picture above to like her Facebook page, and click the ones below to check her out in a couple of promo videos. Very. Cool.

Also, be sure to program your DVR to record the entire MasterChef season, and set it so they’re never deleted. That way you can watch them over and over. (Like Victoria’s probably going to do.)

1st Time Entering MC Kitchen


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.33.21 PM

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