Adios, Fifth Estate; so long, Tell It: Brooklyn.

Well, it’s the end of another era in the Tell It: Brooklyn saga. We received notification today that our venue for the past few years, The Fifth Estate in Park Slope, has closed its doors for good.

(And by “received notification” we mean, we read it on Coree Spencer’s The 5th Mic page, but that’s another story.)

via @havinghope14 on Instagram

via @havinghope14 on Instagram

We’d like to thank every single one of you, storytellers and audience members alike, who endured the pings and dings of pinball machines, inattentive bartenders, and the planet’s loudest heating system to share in our magical little storytelling night beyond the sheer, non-noise cancelling curtain.

For now, we’re taking the opportunity to restructure and regroup our focus for our beloved storytelling mic. Stay tuned. Tell It will be back before you know it … bigger and better than ever before.

All the love,

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