About It:

Tell It: Brooklyn is a live open mic storytelling series hosted by Victoria Scroggins and Susan Kent, who both happen to look really cool in sunglasses.

Held every 1st Wednesday at The Fifth Estate in South Park Slope, and the 3rd Tuesday at Three’s Brewery in Gowanus (check Upcoming Shows for themes), Tell It: features local storytelling stars, as well as lucky audience members who drop their names in the can for a chance to tell a 5-minute, true life story.


Victoria Scroggins (of the highly acclaimed MasterChef Season 5) is a writer and performer living in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys spending time with her dog Pinkerton and loves when game night rolls around. She also believes that she will do well in a variety of post-apocalyptic situations, namely ones that involve barricaded shopping malls, traveling with a young child or a pregnant woman who must be kept safe because the future depends on it, and/or a retrofitted school bus. But, that’s a story for another time. For now, Victoria recommends going herehere and here.


Susan Kent is a small town Georgia girl living in Brooklyn, and working on some deep rooted issues from her deep south upbringing. She’s a writer and storyteller who recently premiered her solo show, “Into the Belly of the Beast.” She’s the Storytelling Curator for The Tank and frequently performs her stories at shows like The Moth StorySLAM, Ask Me: & Barbershop Stories. Listen to her on RISK!The Moth Story Hour, and Snap Judgment, and check out her blog, www.SouthernDiscomforts.com. On Twitter, she’s @TheSusanKent.

Since its inception in 2011, Tell It: Brooklyn has featured hundreds of stories from people across the country, including:

Marc Abbott ~  Tara Clancy ~ David Crabb ~ Sharon Spell ~ Steven Berkowitz ~ Athalie Paynting ~ Selena Coppock ~ Robin Gelfenbien ~ Eli Reiter ~ Andrew Linderman ~ Mara Wilson ~ Jake Hart ~ Nick Padilla ~ Sarah Factor ~ Reuben Hayslett ~ Jenny Rubin ~ Cammi Climaco ~ Sam Dingman ~ Alexander Monster ~ Dana Bruno ~ Hope Anne Nathan ~ David Lawson ~ Kelli Dunham ~ Courtney Antonioli ~ Melissa Shaw ~ Mike Guild ~ Lori Baird ~ Ethan Stanislawski ~ Lucas Connolly ~ Vincent Bernard ~ Ronald Metellus ~ Matt Lewis ~ Ian Rousso ~ Nicki Ritchie ~ Finch (Donnell Freeman) ~ Julie Threlkeld ~ Glen Rosenberg ~ Dawn Fraser ~ Maggie Nuttall ~ David Arroyo ~ Lisa Kirchner ~ Jefferson Bites ~ Sean O’Brien ~ Anita Flores ~ Lindsay Hoffman ~ Lily Karlin ~ Brad Lawrence ~ Sandi Marx ~ Nelson Lugo ~ Ginny Liese ~ Gail Thomas ~ Vanessa Valerio ~ Colin Wilhm ~ James Judd ~ Megan Auster-Rosen ~ Jen Keefe ~ Emily Krauser ~ Amber Drea ~ Charity Thomas ~ Mark Pagán ~ Julie Polk ~ Kate Branagh ~ Jim Greene ~ Vicky Nanis ~ Megan Robertson ~ Courtney Hirsch ~ Odile Schalit ~ Coree Spencer ~ Marie Faustin ~ Daralyn Kelleher ~ Emily Argyle ~ Trisha Gresco ~ Angry Bob ~ Pete Zias ~ Damian Bellino ~ Jeff Simmermon ~ John Flynn ~ Rita Chinyere ~ Jennifer Jiles ~ Andre Medrano ~ Tami Gatta ~ Deepa Ambekar

2 thoughts on “About It:

  1. mary pat kane says:

    this is great, glad to find this listing, how do i also find the larger calendar for ny storytelling, there seem to be several orgs. with ‘similar’ names and there was one of yours i just pulled up with 2012 dates on it, looked good, but, … thx so much.

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