Ask It:

  • Want info on becoming an West Texas rancher?
  • Looking for tips on how to clear out a bar after closing?
  • Need help adjusting to the big city after a small town upbringing?

Tell It: Brooklyn can provide the answers you need to all of these questions and much more!

Email Victoria or Susan to get all the information you need on virtually any topic you can imagine. It’s really quite stunning. We also know a massive amount of information regarding Tell It: Brooklyn.

Find out all the deets on:

  • show dates
  • booking information
  • directions
  • other things

Plus, we can tell you how to sign up for our incredibly special, exclusive, one-of-a-kind Tell It: Brooklyn mailing list (email here: and our super awesome Tell It: Brooklyn Facebook page (go here:

You have questions. We know stuff. Let’s get together.

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