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Same Place, Same Time: New Day!

Tell It: Brooklyn is thrilled to announce that the borough’s favorite storytelling mic will now be held the FIRST Wednesday of every month, starting this very June!

Not long ago, someone in the storytelling community expressed a need for more open mics that occurred during the earlier part of the month and your gracious Tell It: hosts made like The Dude and abided.

Check us out THIS WEDNESDAY, June 4 for our first show during the first week. Will it feel different? Well, unless you show, you’ll never know.

Remember: True stories. No paper, no props. And as always, Tell It: Brooklyn is 100% free.

Click the pic below to get the full deets on Facebook.

See you there!


I told you so.

MasterChef season 5 hasn’t even started yet and look at what’s happened:

Victoria MasterChef

Already fame is going to Victoria’s head, and after Monday night’s premiere (8PM on Fox), there’s nothing that’s going to hold that ego back. Still. I’m pretty stoked because I’ve been looking for some coattails to ride for some time now, and I think it may finally start paying off.

Okay, but really. We’re totally super excited about this whole thing and I can’t wait to watch Victoria cook her ass off on television. Click the picture above to like her Facebook page, and click the ones below to check her out in a couple of promo videos. Very. Cool.

Also, be sure to program your DVR to record the entire MasterChef season, and set it so they’re never deleted. That way you can watch them over and over. (Like Victoria’s probably going to do.)

1st Time Entering MC Kitchen


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.33.21 PM

From Emcee to MC: The Victoria Scroggins Story

Okay guys. I know we’ve been keeping this all hush-hush and such, but here we go.

It’s time to let you know that our very own Victoria Lily Pearlie Mae Scroggins has made it to the big time. Or is making her way to the big time very soon…

Contestants Revealed for Master Chef Season 5

That’s right. Along with being hilarious and charming, the Tell It Co-Host is also a damn fine cook, and she’s proving it on national television starting May 26.

Now, if you look for her name in the list of contestants and don’t find it, that’s because you think she lives in Brooklyn. (She does.) But she made the choice to represent San Angelo and Texas (where she lived a while back) because, well … you know how Texans are.

All of this is to say that you really need to get your ass down to Tell It: Brooklyn this month, because once this Master Chef shit blows up, Scroggins is going to be unfathomably unbearable.

See you, Wednesday, May 21. Get all the deets on the show by clicking ThisLinkRightHere.


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It’s a Cruel, Cruel Winter

Like you probably know, Victoria left me here on my own for an indeterminate amount of time, but that’s a good thing. As I mentioned at the last Tell It: Brooklyn, we’re hoping not to see her face until the March show.

Still I miss her. Who is Gracie Allen without George Burns? Rose Nylund without Dorothy Zbornak? Who is any adorable sidekick without her curmudgeon-y wiseass?

Hosting Without Victoria is Ruff

We have heard from her since she left, and things are going well – so send Victoria all your good vibes then come out to our next show, Wednesday, February 19 and be my co-host by proxy.

Follow our Facebook Page for updates and to be invited to our events.

See you soon!








TONIGHT! Wednesday, Nov 20 | Tell It: Brooklyn Turns 2

Wednesday, November 20th, Tell It: Brooklyn celebrates it’s 2nd Anniversary at The Fifth Estate in South Slope. Plus, Susan & Victoria tell personal tales for the first time in over a year! Can drops at 7:30, show starts at 8. (As always, it’s totes FREE.)


When we think back to the days when the Tell It audience consisted of the 5 friends we forced out to The Way Station every month, it’s incredible to believe we’re here 2 years and over 200 stories later.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve made a lot of new buddies, featured a bunch of incredible storytellers and drunk a buttload of whiskey … all of which made for more stories to tell later. 


Get it?

This week we’re celebrating our second anniversary by performing our own stories on the Tell It:Brooklyn stage for the first time in over a year.

What’s better is that not only do Victoria and I plan to regale you with our own personal tales, we’ll be putting out our brand new, all-time favorite can (click the link for a hint) so you can entertain us right back with yours.

Seriously, you guys. The new can is AWESOME.

So, come on out THIS WEDNESDAY! NOVEMBER 20th and celebrate with us. We’ll have raffle prizes, party favors and we’ll be sharing the Southern delicacy that currently occupies the aforementioned brand new, all-time favorite can.

Hell. We might even have cake.

The Fifth Estate

Wed, November 20 at 7:30 PM

506 Fifth Avenue between 12th & 13th Streets

F/G/R to 4th & 9th or R to Prospect Avenue

The more adventurous folks can take the B63 to 5th Avenue & 13th Street.