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From Emcee to MC: The Victoria Scroggins Story

Okay guys. I know we’ve been keeping this all hush-hush and such, but here we go.

It’s time to let you know that our very own Victoria Lily Pearlie Mae Scroggins has made it to the big time. Or is making her way to the big time very soon…

Contestants Revealed for Master Chef Season 5

That’s right. Along with being hilarious and charming, the Tell It Co-Host is also a damn fine cook, and she’s proving it on national television starting May 26.

Now, if you look for her name in the list of contestants and don’t find it, that’s because you think she lives in Brooklyn. (She does.) But she made the choice to represent San Angelo and Texas (where she lived a while back) because, well … you know how Texans are.

All of this is to say that you really need to get your ass down to Tell It: Brooklyn this month, because once this Master Chef shit blows up, Scroggins is going to be unfathomably unbearable.

See you, Wednesday, May 21. Get all the deets on the show by clicking ThisLinkRightHere.


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