MAY-be, MAY-be Not | May 17 @ 8PM

Tell It Poster May 2016

Each month, Tell It: Brooklyn works their little asses off to bring you the best storytellers NYC has to offer!

The theme is MAY-be, MAY-be Not and our featured performers are Stephen Chupaska (Mortified), Lindsay Hoffman (The Liar Show), & Josh Johnson (Proxy Morons).

And of course, as always, we want to feature YOU! Drop your name in our can for a chance to tell your own 5-minute tale. You’ll be so glad you did.

As per usual, Tell It: Brooklyn is 100% FREE & 1000% fun.

See you there!

Tell It at Threes on Tuesday 4/19!

Come out on Tuesday, April 19 for what’s sure to be one of our best Tell It: Brooklyns ever.

Sharon Spell (The Sharon Spell Show), Greg DeLucia (Moth StorySLAM winner) & Tommy O’Malley (RISK!) are sharing our stage and we can’t wait for them to Bring the Pain.

Don’t miss it. Plus, you can drop your name in our can for a chance to tell your own tale.

  • Where: Threes Brewing, 333 Douglass Street at 4th Avenue
  • When: 8PM, April 19
  • How Much? NOTHING! It’s totally free. You have no idea what a good deal that is.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 3.02.57 PM.png

Tell Us Everything! | 100 % Open Mic

Come out for a 100% open mic Tell It: Brooklyn!

The theme: Going, Going, Gone!
we want to hear all your stories.png

Could it be? This may very well be our last show among the dings and pings of pinball machines at The Fifth Estate, as well as that bloody, loud-assed heater.

Drop your name in our can for a chance to tell your 5-minute story about auctions, or extended breakups, or just getting the hell out.

Totes FREE, Totes FUN!

The Fifth Estate | 506 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope | F/G/D/N/R to 4th Ave & 9th Street

Twice the Fun!

Tell It: Brooklyn is now hosting two shows every month: one that’s 100% open mic and one that’s a mixture of curated performers and guests from the peanut can.

Our first March show will be at The Fifth Estate on the 2nd and will feature an illustrious group of storytellers direct from the can. The theme’s Feel the Heat and our goal is to get every single one of you up to tell your 5-minute story, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Tell It Poster_Threes_March 2016.jpg

The second March show is on the 15th at our new venue, Threes Brewing, which is the sweetest spot ever. There we’re featuring Drew Prochaska (The Moth), Jamie Brickhouse (Beavis & Butthead), and Sean O’Brien (Kidiot), as well as drawing a few names from the can. The theme is Loving It! because, we really, really are.

We love you the most and hope to see you at one or both of the shows!

If you’re interested in being a featured performer on Tell It: Brooklyn at Threes, check our Upcoming Shows page for themes and deadlines for submissions.



Ch-ch-ch-changes! Big ones.

You guys! We don’t know about you, but for us, 2016 is off to a super exciting start!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.23.59 AM.png

Our January storytellers Deepa Ambekar, Tami Gatta and Andre Medrano brought all the magic for a packed house, and the new tech board gave your hosts the opportunity to show how we handle sound problems on the fly. #WeDontNeedNoStinkinMicrophones

We also shared our GREATBIGHUGEEXCITING news that—starting in February—Tell It: Brooklyn will be happening twice a month!

First Wednesdays at The Fifth Estate

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 4.06.46 PM

We’re maintaining our same old schedule at same old venue and will still be hosting TiB on the first Wednesday of every month at The Fifth Estate (506 5th Ave btw 11 & 12, Park Slope) where pinball machines ring true and Pacman roams free in the ambient noise of the ancient heating system. Meanwhile, we’re also adding on a brand new night…

Third Tuesdays at Threes Brewing

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.53.24 PM

Y’all. We are so freaking stoked about this new venue! Threes Brewing (333 Douglass St at 4th Ave, Gowanus) is an awesome brewpub that produces its own beer AND provides us with a private room. The Tiny Montgomery, it’s called. How freaking cute is that?

We’ve got plenty of room for seating, sweet cocktail tables for your drinks, plus the bar serves pitchers of beer and carafes of wine so you can set yourself up before the show!

Threes Brewing also hosts a new pop up restaurant every  month, so should you want to get your grub on, that’s totally something you can do, too. Seriously, we love this place.

Come Tell It at Tell It!

Since we’ve got twice as many shows, we get to feature twice as many storytellers! Watch out for our calls for pitches on our Facebook page ( or check the Upcoming Shows page for a list of future themes and pitch deadlines.

Of course, if you’ve got a super kickass story that’s just dying to be told on the Tell It stage, send it along! Even if it doesn’t fit one of our themes, we want to see it!

To submit a pitch: write up a quick synopsis of your story including the beginning, middle, AND end—no cliffhangers, please—and send it to us at

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